3 Tips To Save House Plants While Household Shifting

October 22, 2020

Plants are one of the important parts of most of the houses and are subject to a lot of damage and hardships while subjects. Plant parents, as we can subjectively call the people who love to keep plants as their babies, are in great dilemma and pain to see their plants go through such upheaval. House plants can be incredibly sensitive compared to outdoor plants, and they could go in shock if not handled carefully during the move.

Let’s see at some of the useful tips to load, transport and upload your precious house plants with the minimum disruption to their delicate constitutions.

  • Prepare the plants well for the journey: Before any shifting, look for plants that need repotting or trimming of leaves. Be proactive in transplanting the specimen into shatter-resistant pots. Some plants are so sensitive that moving them to a pot of the wrong size will damage them, so try and match pot sizes where possible. Carry out transplanting at least three weeks before the move. And do not overwater the plants before moving as it can lead to freezing (in winter) and fungal attack (in summer).
  • Transport them safely:Plants do not enjoy moving and are very sensitive to shifting and transport. Be very diligent of the packaging materials and types of vehicle used for transportation. Try to arrange for ways and boxes that minimize their movement and gives them enough space to breathe. Be wary of the extreme temperatures of the trunk and try to minimise the temperature shock for them.
  • Unloading and acclimating your house plants: When you arrive at your destination, make sure you unload your house plants as soon as possible. To avoid damaging them, cut through the tape at the bottom of your boxes and lift the boxes off of the plants. Give them welcome home water, move them back into clay pots and keep an eye on them over the next few days. If you’ve treated them well during the move, they should acclimatize quickly.

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